Mobile Cranes – Understanding the Many Benefits

When you hire a crane, you have to carefully assess the project to ensure you rent the right type of equipment. If you are not sure what crane would suit you best, it is advisable to speak to a crane hire specialist and ask for their opinion. You may even be able to arrange a site visit, so they can assess the area and give recommendations. For most construction projects, mobile cranes are the preferred choice and there is a good reason why.

What are Mobile Cranes?

Before we jump into the benefits of mobile cranes, we must first understand what they do. A mobile crane is an industrial piece of equipment that is used to lift or relocate heavy equipment.

They have a wide range of uses, some of which include the transportation and movement of:

  • Mining machinery
  • Steel
  • Industrial Air conditioning units
  • Trains, planes & automobiles

Mobile cranes are mounted to a truck and they can be moved almost anywhere. If you are considering crane hire in Guildford, there are several good companies who specialise in mobile crane rentals.

Benefits of Choosing a Mobile Crane

There are many advantages to choosing a mobile crane over other models. If you are not quite sure about the best type of crane for your project, speak to a company representative who can point you in the right direction.

  • Faster Set Up

One of the main reasons why business owners choose mobile cranes is because of their set up time. There is no need to erect the crane, it is driven from the base to the site and parked wherever it is needed. You can start on the job the moment the crane arrives.

  • Multiple Work Sites

Mobile cranes are great for moving around various locations. They are unlike fixed cranes which stay in one place. This makes them perfect for projects that need lifting in more than one site. The crane can be easily moved and set up in another area.

  • Flexibility

Mobile cranes are more compact which allows the operator to get into hard to reach areas.

There are many advantages to hiring a mobile crane and only a few of them can be mentioned in this article. If you are looking at hiring heavy lifting equipment and you are not sure about the best type of crane for the job, consider a mobile crane. They are cost-effective, maneuverable, reliable, and powerful. They can be set up in no time and they are perfect for complex projects.

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