Buying a Suitable First Car for a Teenager

Any parent will tell you that they love buying things for their kids, that includes their first car. As your kid gets to the legal age for driving, they’ll want to get on the road like any other teenager would. They want to be afforded the same privileges that adults get, that means driving on the road. As a parent, you get anxious about them driving, but growing up is a part of life.

Here are some tips to help you buy a suitable first car for your teenager.

The Most Important Factor

You’ve guessed it, safety is the most important factor when choosing a car for your teenager. Although most of the time they’ll be driving with you, if they have any older friends, they may be alone in the car with them if they hold a valid licence. Canberra car dealers see many first-time buyers in their showrooms and the first question parents usually ask is about safety. As a parent your first instinct is to protect your child, so ask a company representative about the safest vehicles they have in the showroom.


Once you’ve found a handful of cars that are recommended by the salesperson, you can then go about comparing them price wise. After safety, your budget is the second most important factor to consider. Most parents don’t want to break the bank on their teenagers first car, so you’ve the option to go for a reasonably priced used car if you decide against a new model. Once your teenager knows the budget, you can narrow down the makes and models of a few vehicles they’d be interested in.

Line of Sight

As an inexperienced driver, your teenager will need all the help they can get while on the road. You can help them by buying a car that offers great visibility. If you want your teenager to drive safely, they’ll need a vehicle which gives them a good line of sight. When test driving different models, check to see if they offer good visibility. If they struggle to see in a certain direction, it isn’t the best car for them.

Useful Features

It is best to choose a car which has minimal distractions, that way they less chance of getting involved in an accident. It is inevitable that they’ll use their phone at some point when driving, so select a vehicle which has Bluetooth capabilities and other features which limit the need to look at your phone. They won’t be texting or talking on their phone if they have Bluetooth.

You can use other features to stop distractions, some programmes control the volume of the radio while you drive, others stop speeding.

There are many things to consider when buying a first-time car for your teenager, you shouldn’t give in to their demands. A teenager will understandably want a top of the range model with sporty features, but this isn’t the most suitable car for a new driver. Come to a compromise and select a vehicle which is safe, budget friendly and visually appealing.

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